Hello there,
Welcome to the documentation of the Automatic Planner.
I would like to give you a quick background on the 2 main features of the planner.

Display the right cleanings ONLY

In a hotel, the rythm usually a daily cleaning with a change sheet cleaning every other day or more.

Arrival | StayCleaning | StayCleaning | ChangeSheet | StayCleaning | DepartureCleaning

However there are many more hospitalities, Long stay, extended stay, students, corporate stay... just to name a few.

In that case, you nuch much more flexibility !

Here are just a few options that can be applied to any individual reservatio in real time :

Cleaning NameDescription
NoCleaningCancel a specific cleaning or nocleaning at all
Weekly Cleaningcell
Weekly Balanced Cleaningcell
Floor Based Cleaningcell
Monthly cleningcell

In real time, the planner will listen to the PMS event and apply the rules to display only those reservations that requires cleaning ona specific day.

The Reservation screen will help you forecast those cleaning giving you time ahead to reserve the rigth resources.

You'll also be able to export the data on a Excel sheet.

Creating the daily work plan for your cleaners