When you come to create the day planning, your first select the attendants, then create the plan, you may export the data to Excel.

You always have the option to delete your plan, but when you're happy you are ready to Send the plan to the attendants' phone.

At any moment, you can decide to Postpone a cleaning to tomorrow.

Select Attendants

Each day, you need to select the working attendants 

You can also you can set ahead in the Workers' screen).

Create plan

Send Plan

Send plan will send the plan to each individual cleaners

If the Send to attendant option is checked, then 

Sender email

Sendee email

Delete Plan

This will delete the plan but will NOT revert the one already sent


Would you have a cleaning scheduled for today, you can, for different reasons postpone to tomorrow.

In this case 


  • All Plans
  • To be planned
  • Plannables
  • Past Plans

Admin features

  • Update reservations
  • Synchronize Hotel
  • Create Distance Matrix
  • Get Hotel File
  • Get distances File
  • Get Worker Plan File
  • Backup Files