Oracle/Micros Opera/Fidelio

Steps to Opera Roomchecking Interface

Step 0 : Check you have the right version of Opera (IFC ONLY)

Step 1 :  Ask Oracle for a Quote. Provide Roomchecking Opera/Oracle Part numbers

You have the choice between IFC and HTNG.

HTNG is around 6 times more expensice than IFC....So why take it?

if you want to read/Write guest profile, you'll need it...otherwise IFC is just perfect

Step 2 : Sign the PO and wait for a date of install

Step 3 : Provide a remote access to our team to the interface server on which we’ll install our service bridge

Step 4 : provide us with the hotel plan, so we can create the hotel in RoomChecking

Step 5 : tell us If you are using all these Housekeeping statuses

Code              Status

            VacantDirty, "1"

            OccupiedDirty, "2"

            VacantClean, "3"

            OccupiedClean, "4"

            VacantCleanInspected, "5"

            OccupiedCleanInspected, "6"

            Pickup, "7"

            TurnDownRequests, "8"

            TurnDownNotRequests, "9"

            TurnDownDone, "10"

            OutOfService, "11"

            OutOfOrder, "12"

            Pickup, "13"

            DoNotDisturb, "14"

Step 6 : Validate the data we’ll get from Opera (IFC ONLY)

G# 1 Reservation Number

G# 1 Reservation Number

RN Room Number

GS 1 Share Flag

A0 …A9 User Definable Fields ANS, variable : adults: A0, children : A1

DA Date

G+ Profile Number

GA Guest Arrival Date

GD Guest Departure

GF Guest First Name

GG Guest Group Number

PMS GL Guest Language

GN Guest Name

GT Guest Title

GV Guest VIP

MR 2,4 Minibar Rights AN, 2 chars (see Guest Rights table)

IP  PORT 1  : RS  PORT 2 : OUT